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                                                           Professional In-Your-Home Pet Care                    
                                                                     An excellent alternative to kenneling your pets

       Offered Monday-Sunday                                                                                                  

           7:30 AM – 8:30PM**                                                                         



  Critter Sitter Visits

  Feeding, fresh water, treats. Lots of love and affection                                                                                  


  Dogs: Play in yard or walk in neighborhood                                                                                   Cats: Scoop litter boxes, playtime

   All Visits minimum 25-30-minute rate                                                                                               Small pets: Scoop cage, playtime


   Courtesy Services Includes:

   Bringing in mail, newspapers, take out and bring in garbage and recycling cans.

   Water indoor plants

   Rotate lights, re-set alarm

   Wash food and water bowls, sweep food and litter box areas.


      $25 per visit
*Price includes up to
two pets

$3 for each additional pet

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