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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find our most common questions-answered. 

If you do not see your question, please reach out to us via email. 

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What are your hours:

Pet Sitting hours: 7:30am to 8pm Monday-Sunday.
     Daily Dog-walking hours 10:00 to 3:00 pm
     Clients can message us 24/7 through their online Client Portal
     Prospective clients can go to our New Client Portal Page, we respond to inquiries within 24 hours.
     Even Pet Sitters need to rest. For The Love of Paws will be closed for vacation for one week every January and September to recharge our batteries so we can provide your pets with top notch care.


Services We offer:
     Pet Sitting, in client’s home
     Dog Walking
     Pet Taxi
     Overnight Pet Sitting, in client’s home


Please see our SERVICES web pages for detailed descriptions of services and pricing. We do not
offer boarding or dog daycare.


What is pet sitting in my home like?
In home pet sitting, is a Pet Companion coming to your home to render service to your pets. Whether
it be feedings, walks, medicine administration or playtime we have you covered! The visits will be
customized to meet the needs and routines of your pet(s). Our pet companions come 1 to 4 times per
day. We take care of your home as well, and will bring in the mail/newspaper, pick up packages and
flyers, adjust your blinds, alternate lights, and water plants. This gives your home a “lived-in feel” to
deter burglars.


How do I become a client?
Please visit our client portal to get started. Once you have created your profile and entered your pet’s
information and the dates and services you are looking for, we will contact you to set up a time to
meet. The first consultation to meet you and your pet before you leave is always free.

The first consultation is complementary and takes about 15-30 minutes. If a second consultation is
requested for any reason, we would be happy to come by a second time ($23 visit charge.)
Meet & Greet
For The Love of Paws provides one complimentary 15–30-minute Meet & Greet prior to initiating Pet
Sitting or Dog Walking.
The Meet & Greet allows us to meet you and your pets and make sure we are a good fit for each
other. We will answer any questions you have, see where your pet care supplies are located and
obtain the keys.


Keys & Home Access
To provide our clients and their pets with the most reliable service, we require that each client provide
use with two forms of entry to their home. Two forms are necessary to ensure that a backup is
always available in case of emergency.

                      What if I want you to use my garage door/keyless entry door?
While we love keyless entry codes on garages and doors, we do require a physical key for a backup
in the event of power outages or battery failure. If your sitter is locked out for more than 30 minutes
and cannot get ahold of your emergency contact, they will contact a Locksmith and you will be
charged the lockout fee from the Locksmith which generally totals more than $150.


Online Client Portal
For The Love of Paws clients must have complete and up-to-date online Pet Portal account, where
you can conveniently manage pet care from your computer or smartphone. Through the Pet Portal,
you can:

      Schedule, change or cancel services

(We must confirm requested services before they will appear on our schedule).
      Communicate with your pet care provider
      Update your personal and pet information Timing of Visits


Clients can request pet care during pre-specified schedule blocks. Pet care visits may take place
anytime within the following visit timing guidelines. We only schedule specific appointment times for
Meet & Greets and Pet Taxi appointments.

      Once Daily Cat & Small Animal Pet Sitting: Will be scheduled to occur ANYTIME between 7:30am-5pm unless otherwise requested.

      Twice Daily Cat & Small Animal Pet Sitting: First visit will be in the MORNING (typically between 8am-10am) and the second visit will be in the EVENING (typically between 3pm-6pm). Dog's and Insulin dependent pets take precedence for morning visits. 

      Pet Sitting dog care: First visit will be in MORNING (typically between 7:30am-9am); second
visit in AFTERNOON (typically between 12pm-2pm); last visit in the EVENING (typically between 7pm and 8;30pm).

      Mid-Day Dog Walking: Typically takes place between 10am and 3:00pm.


How will I know when you have visited my pet?

At the end of every pet care visit, clients receive a visit report. This is where your Pet Companion will
leave photos and notes about their visit. These updates are available via email or the Time to Pet


Do you require a minimum number of pet sitting visits?
For the safety and well-being of the pets we care for, we have the following minimum requirements:
     Dogs: three visits per day (morning, mid-day, and bedtime, when client is away for an entire day)
     Puppies require visits at a minimum every 4 hours and overnight care if you will be out of town.
     Cats & Small Caged Animals: one visit per day


No Pet Left Behind
Some folks want us to take care of their dogs but ignore their other pets, such as their cat or caged pets.
Yes, our feline and pocket friends are fairly independent, but they still need attention, affection, and
playtime every day. We are happy to care for all of your pets, but we are unable to accept jobs
where certain pets in the house are to be left unattended. Please be sure to list ALL pets in
your home when filling out your Client Profile.

Will you provide part of my pet sitting, if someone else is also caring for my pets?
For liability reasons, we are unable to job-share with other pet caregivers/house guests during your
vacation. We do not allow anyone else to have access to your home for any reason. We will not share
pet sitting responsibilities with friends, neighbors, or extended family members. This is a strict non-
negotiable policy.
Do you have vaccination requirements?
We require proof of rabies vaccination for all dogs.


Billing & Payment
A 75% deposit is due at the time of booking to hold any dates.
Full balance is due prior to the first visit.
Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for further details. 
Inability To Complete Service:
Clients will be billed in full for any scheduled visit we make to your home that has not been cancelled.
This includes but is not limited to visits where we arrive but are unable to access or enter the home,
instances where a pet displays aggressive behavior, instances where the pet is not home, or if you
are home and do not need service.
Emergency Veterinary Care
If your pet companion encounters a pet emergency your sitter will immediately try to contact you, to
see what course of action you would like to take.
If we are unable to contact you, we will try to reach your emergency contact person on file. If we are
unable to reach anyone, we will decide on the appropriate action to be taken to protect and care for
your pet.
If it is deemed a health emergency for your pet, we will contact your vet or an emergency
clinic and transport your pet if needed. On our client portal you will find a Veterinary Release
document giving us permission to treat and stabilize your pet until we can reach you.


Are your pet companions employees or contractors?
All our staff are employees who are trained and carefully monitored for quality control.


Are pet companions bonded and insured?
Yes, we are bonded and insured. Our employees also covered under Workers Compensation.

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