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The Straight Poop

Meet and Greet: New customers receive one free consultation visit. Please have key ready to provide to us.  All keys are duplicated for emergencies and back-up pet care and are kept in a secure locked key box. Keys are not labeled with identifying information such as client's full name or address. If you have an electronic coded pad, we also require a physical key for access to the house in the event of power outages or other mechanical malfunctions. Please ensure that your home is always secure and that all locks are functioning properly.


Mid-Day Weekly Schedules: Schedules are made on the Friday of the week prior to service to allow for the best route planning and to avoid back-tracking. If you happen to know your schedule in advance, this information is always appreciated. Of course, we do our best to accommodate additional requests. Please note that it is the Client’s responsibility to contact For The Love of Paws to schedule visits. Due to the high number of visits each week we are unable to contact each client individually. Visits requests or changes made through your personal pet companion or notebook cannot be honored.

            Requests can be made through Time to Pet, our client portal by 6:00 p.m. on Friday.


Evening, night or weekend requests are in high demand. Additional notice is appreciated to accommodate these requests.


Specific Time Requests: We do our best to accommodate specific time requests for you and your pet’s needs for daily visits. Due to high volume requests and travel time during peak mid-day times we operate within a one-hour window before or after requested time. All requests are scheduled on a first come first served basis.  If an emergency or unforeseen circumstance should occur, a time window may need to be adjusted to accommodate that situation.


Last Minute Requests (Less than 24-hour notice): Since scheduling pet companions can be tricky, especially for last minute situations, there is a $10.00 “last minute” visit fee.  Last minute visits will not be guaranteed unless there is an approved confirmation and are subject to pet companion availability.

Emergency Requests (Less than 5-hour notice): There will be an additional charge of $15.00 for each visit for same day emergency requests.


                 Out of Hours: Requests for visits before 7:30am and after 8:30pm incur an additional charge of 10.00 per visit.


Holidays: Major Holiday Visits are by request only and do not fall under a normal Monday-Friday schedule. Federal Holiday (any bank or postal holiday) rates apply at an additional $5.00 per visit. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day and New Year’s Eve and Day rates apply at an additional $10.00 per visit


Office Hours: Calls, texts and emails will be returned between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Monday through Friday. Any messages received after 5:00 PM will be returned on and considered to be the next business day. 


Payment: Please leave cash or check and any instructions in a visible area on the FIRST day that service begins. Mid-day customers to pay first day of weekly service. Please make checks payable to: For The Love of Paws, LLC


Returned Checks: There will be a $35.00 fee for returned checks. Two returned checks will result in our services convert to cash only.


Mid-day Cancellation Policy:  Since our times are carefully scheduled to accommodate several pets per companions within our care system it is requested that you give us a minimum of 24-hour notice of cancellation prior to a visit. Cancellations with less than 24-hour notification are subject to full charge.   Prepaid visits with more than 24-hour notification will be credited towards future services. 



Service is not guaranteed without an emailed confirmation from For The Love of Paws, LLC.

Reservations can only be made by requesting service through Time to Pet, our client portal.

** Pricing Subject To Change at ANY TIME."



Safety Protocol

We at For The Love of Paws, LLC are experienced dog people and feel confident in our ability to handle most types of dog personalities.  However, for the safety of our pet companions, and in order to maintain our daily walking schedule, a policy must be put in place. While we never discriminate against the breed or size of a dog, we do reserve the right to evaluate your pet’s behavior and temperament at our consultation to determine if this is the right fit for everyone.


If your dog(s) will not let For The Love of Paws into your home or prevents your pet companion in to provide routine duties, we will contact you. We do not provide free or discounted services if the dog’s aggressiveness prevents us from performing our regular duties. For The Love of Paws is willing to work with you and your dog to ensure entry and services can be performed and this has never been a problem in the history of our company.

It is the client’s responsibility to disclose all previous bite, aggression, and health history of their pets. It is also the client’s responsibility to disclose ALL possible safety hazards in and around their home.

For The Love of Paws has the right to refuse to walk unruly or untrained dogs that choke themselves on their leash.  

All dogs will be required to be on leash during outdoor walks. For The Love of Paws is not responsible for damage incurred by pet escaping because of a faulty leash or collar that is incorrectly fitted. Please provide us with a proper fitting collar, leash and or harness as well as waste bags. For the safety of your pet and our pet companions For The Love of Paws does not recommend the use of retractable leashes.


For the health and safety both your pet and our pet companions, dogs should be current with grooming of fur and nails to prevent intentional or accidental injury to the pet or pet companion.


All dogs receive personal walks. We never walk in groups unless they are from the same household.


If the client’s pet(s) use a “pet door” allowing free access outdoors, and the client requests it left open during our care, the client releases For The Love of Paws from all liability if anything happens to the pet(s) when outdoors and/or when we are not on the premises.


Some dogs have fences-physical or electronic.  Unfortunately, these mechanisms do not always successfully contain some dogs. If your dog escapes their boundaries, we will do everything reasonably possible to bring your dog home. If we are unable to return your dog to your home, we will notify you and call for back up.  A decision will have to be made regarding how to proceed.


Should we determine that the boundaries allow for jumping over, climbing under or running through, we may opt to keep your dog leashed during our visits and play time.


We will provide you with notes for each visit. You will know how successful the visit was or was not. If necessary, we may further contact you regarding a “challenge” or in the event of illness or injury to your pet. Should your pet be under the weather or suffering from an injury that we should be aware of please let us know prior to our scheduled visit.


We have a wonderful group of companions for your pets. They are well screened, responsible, experienced adults who are bonded and covered under the liability insurance of For The Love of Paws, LLC.


In a very rare and extreme case, For The Love of Paws, LLC may need to terminate a client relationship. This will only occur if we feel that our business is not the best match for your dog.


For The Love of Paws does not diagnose, prognose, or make therapy decisions, nor does it offer veterinary services. Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.


We are always looking for new ways and suggestions to best work with your pet.  We promise to love and care for them as if they were our own!


Inclement Weather Pawlicies



EXTREME HEAT AND COLD:  Due to the variation in our weather, we will use judgement to benefit your pet’s well-being. We take care to protect your pup’s precious paws.  On hot days we restrict walking to grass only areas. This may mean laps around your yard to stay off the pavement.  On exceptionally hot or cold days, (factoring in the wind chill and heat index), or excessive rain or snow we shorten our time outside to potty breaks to limit exposure and provide water, affection and indoor playtime.  We reserve the right to make decision on putting dog inside.

STORMS (SNOW AND TROPICAL) or NATURAL DISASTERS: First and foremost, we will make every effort to visit your pet no matter the weather. However, on rare occasions the roads may become unsafe. We will be paying attention to forecasts and travel recommendations. If, at our discretion, we feel the need to cancel your scheduled walk, we will contact you promptly. Unfortunately, some of these decisions may occur last minute as we will be making every effort to get to your pooch.

​We recommend making alternative arrangements for your pet to ensure that they are tended to in case the roads become impassable. It is highly recommended that your backup be a neighbor or someone who can reach your home on foot.  If this is not possible, we recommend providing potty pads for your pets on questionable days. Please let us know of these alternative arrangements or if you are staying home or returning home early for the day as soon as you are aware and you will be credited for the scheduled visit, no cancellation fees will apply. Again, we will be making every effort to get to your pet and make sure they are weathering the storm! Stay safe and warm!

Please provide towels for wet dogs and muddy paws on rainy and snowy days.


SNOW AND ICE: Please be sure we can safely access your home by way of a shoveled and sanded and/or pet safe salted path and stairs.

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