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No need to crate your doggo all day.
We can visit and exercise your dog, mid-day Monday through Friday, weekends available as

No need to place your furry family member in a Kennel.
If you are on vacation, or out of town on business, we can visit your pets 1-3 times a day.
Some pets are more comfortable in their own environment, following their normal routine. We
are also highly experienced giving medications, including insulin shots.

You are hiring a Pet EXPERT.
Our business is run by Holli Delp and her team of pet companions. All of
which have many years of experience caring for all furry pets.

You are hiring PROFESSIONALS.
All pet companions are all covered by liability and bond insurance. All pet companions are
mature adults over the age of 25. No teenagers and no summer-only help. You are getting a
trustworthy, responsible adult to care for your pets!



About the Business

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Whether you are gone during the day for work or away on that much
needed vacation, there is no need to worry that your pets are home
alone all day or stuck in an overpriced, lonely kennel. We will visit your
home to walk, play with and feed your pets. They will have clean
litterboxes or cages which means no stinky mess for you to come home
We also offer overnight service. We will come and stay overnight in your
home. Your house will be occupied and your pet will receive lots of love
and affection in the relaxed comfort of their own home, avoiding stress
and anxiety.
Mid-day walks available for your dog who is alone during the day. Let us
get your best friend out for some exercise and playtime.
Puppies often can't hold it a whole day and need to be fed at lunch time.
8-9 hours is too long for a puppy with loads of energy to sit in a crate.


We can help! Walks or yard play can help your puppy with separation
anxiety and loneliness.


Cats and small pets need attention and playtime too! We will visit your
home 1-2 times a day to feed, clean litterboxes or cages and give love
and affection to your smaller furry family members.


We also care for turtles, fish and birds.
Pet taxi services available.


Courtesy services for out-of-town clients include:
watering plants, rotating lights, mail and newspaper retrieval, putting out
and bringing in trash cans.

Our Brood

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